Gulfood 2015

  • 21-25 February 2016
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Feed Innovation, Inc

Trade Centre Arena

  • Tamura Bldg 2F, 3-12-11 Kouji-machi
  • Chiyoda-ku
  • Tokyo
  • 102-0083
  • Japan
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FEED INNOVATION, INC brings new inspiration of Japanese taste and quality food to the middle east region for the very first time. Enjoy a wide range of varieties from authentic Japanese rice to soy sauce, rice craker and some speciality mayonnaise!


Rice (Akita-komachi)
Akita-komachi is one of the best known rice in Japan and been loved by many people. A successful history shows its quality and taste. Best use for Sushi or other Japanese/Chinese food!
Rice (gift package)
A best know Japanese rice, Akita-komachi is wrapped with a beautiful red gift box. Best use for a gift!
Apple Juice
A fresh apple juice, using a worldly-known Japanese Apple (Ringo), is packed as easy-to-use 100ml package.
Green tea powder stick
Authentic Japanese green tea, using only organic green tea leaf, brings refresh and relax moment to your daily life.
Mayonnaise (cholesterol/egg free)
Soymilk-based mayonnaise is made without using eggs. It's cholesterol free and best use for anyone who has egg-allergy or little children who need sensitive selection of food. Taste great and eat healthy!
Seaweed Powder
Seaweed Powder can be used for dish decoration or as a herb substitute. Not only for Japanese food but also for western food, it adds color variety onto your plate.
Instant noodle (Japanese style)
Easy-to-eat Japanese instant noodle with three favorite tastes (Miso, Soy-sauce, Salt)! It is made of 100% made-in-Japan flour.
Apple (Fuji, Jona Gold, Sekai-ichi, Tsugaru)
Fresh and juicy! Japanese apples have had a successful track record all over the world for its quality and popularity. Best to eat fresh but also can use for dessert components!
Soy sauce
Proudly made in Japan! Soy-sauce is a Japanese authentic sauce for all Japanese dishes and also can be arranged for any other regional food.
Rice cracker
Keeping the quality standard of Japanese authentic rice cracker manufacturing, it is made of only-Halal ingredients, using no chemical additives.
Maccha chocolate
Using Japanese authentic green tea powder, mixed with chocolate, it is popular snack for young women and also all other generations in Japan.
Strawberry Chocolate
Mixed with Japanese strawberries and brown-sugar based chocolate is not too sweet but still tasty. Loved by all generations!


Halal Certifications

Halal certificate by Japan Muslim Association

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Exporter | Manufacturer | Wholesaler | Marketing services

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Instant drink powder | Tea | Fruits | Dressings | Mayonnaise / Ketchup | Chocolate / Chocolate products | Pasta / Noodles | Rice / Rice products | Crackers | Dried Fruit | Halal products | Fat-free



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Opening times

  • 21 FEB - 24 FEB 2016
    11:00 - 19:00
  • 25 FEB 2016
    11:00 - 17:00