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New Oil Free Fryer Launched!

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05 Jan 2015

Catering professionals looking for healthier ways to serve chips and other fried foods can do so thanks to the innovative NEW LightFry oven.  Available exclusively in the UAE from equipment specialists JM Posner, ‘LightFry’ is an oven that prepares fries without the need for a single drop of oil.

The revolutionary two-phase patented preparation process sees steam thoroughly cook the fries, before a stream of hot, dry air gives them a crispy surface;  resulting in classic golden fries that taste deliciously fried yet are 40%-60%* lower in fat.  The same method is also used to cook other fried foods in the LightFry such as onion rings, chicken nuggets and breaded mozzarella.

Ideal for establishments looking for an alternative to traditional deep fat frying methods, there are a host of benefits to using a LightFry versus a standard fryer.  As well as the obvious health benefits of cooking without oil, LightFry offers numerous cost savings, removing the need to purchase, maintain and dispose of oil – all of which can be both costly and time consuming.

Safety problems often associated with frying are also avoided, including burn injuries and the risk of fire; with the absence of grease vapour also making for a better working/dining environment for staff and customers.

And there is no need to install sophisticated kitchen ventilation or invest in a fat separator either – as the LightFry needs only an extraction hood or canopy (kitchen extract duct 2A) – making it an extremely accessible method of frying even for those with limited kitchen facilities, or for those looking to install a fryer in an open location, such as a cinema.

With a basket capacity of up to 2.5kg, the LightFry can cook 16 kg fries/hour, which is comparable to many standard deep fat fryers.  Up to 600g of fries can be produced in just 4 minutes and 20 seconds, with the method of preloading quick and easy enough so that it can be performed by all kitchen staff.

For more information on the LightFry oven visit or call 01923 220805.



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