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Danish Jordanian Dairy Company Hall: 2 Stand: 227
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It wou ld be impo ssible for us to find a food that is similar to milk in its characteristics and attributes. This is not surprising, because natu re has made it the basis of human li fe. The widespread saying is "Drink milk, for it is an inexhausitble source of calcium."This saying is based on a solid scientific fact. Moreover, a modern medical study has linked the extent of calcium in milk to blood pressure levels. The study explained that eating food that is rich in calcium is necessary for the formation of bones and teeth, while maintaining them sound and strong. Also, drinking recommended amounts of milk reduces the risk of high blood pressure and positively contributes to the cure of colon cancer. The study stated that the intake of sufficient quantities of calcium gives protection against osteoporosis and contributes to controlling blood pressure and preventing as well as contributing to the cure of colon cancer. Researchers have pointed out that the quantity of calcium in one glass of milk is equivalent to the amount of calcium in two cups of broccoli.

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