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M.V.Wool AS Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-F51
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M.V.Wool uses the dry salting method, which brings out the excellent taste properties and guarantees the required consistence, in order to guarantee the best possible taste and quality. It is common knowledge that fish shelf life depends on the saltiness of the product and the amount of preservatives. The company provides the products with a shelf life of 365 days in frozen, which allows the amount of salt and preservatives in the product to be kept to the minimum. Salted fish products are available in slices and as whole pieces on skin. In retail sale, the packages are available in the following sizes: 75 g, 100 g, 170 g, 200 g, 250 g or a whole packaged fillet. For the HoReCa sector, the packaging is completed according to each order. Vacuum-packing Cold smoked fish is characterised by golden colour and a denser consistence. As in case of hot smoked fish, M.V.Wool uses crushed beech when cold-smoking fish as it keeps the amount of benzapyren in the fish significantly lower than the required standards. The produce is prepared in fully automatic smokers. The temperature is kept below 28 C in the smokers. The cycle lasts 11 hours.

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