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Artshani Catalogue video

LLC TH San Gran Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: SH-D22
PREMIUM JUICES Reconstituted juice made from concentrated juice and drinking water. Combines a natural composition, is a source of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Juices refresh and invigorate, helping to restore the vitamin and mineral balance. FRUIT NECTARS Fruit nectars are made from high-quality fruit raw materials. It is a source of energy and has beneficial properties for health. The product is made by mixing concentrated fruit juice and/or puree with added sugar. VEGETABLE NECTARS Vegetable nectars are made from high-quality vegetable raw materials. They infect with energy after exercise, making up for the lack of essential elements and vitamins. The product is made by mixing concentrated vegetable juice and/or puree with added sugar. BERRY NECTARS Berry nectars are made from selected, ripe and frozen berries with added sugar. Normalize the work of the digestive system, strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems. ROSEHIP NECTARS Nectar is produced from selected rose hips. The product normalizes blood circulation, increases the body's resistance, improves immunity in infectious and colds, is rich in vitamin C, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is a good natural diuretic FRUCTOSE NECTARS Fructose nectars do not cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels. They are well absorbed by the body, preserve iron and zinc reserves, increase efficiency, mood, and general tone. BERRY AND FRUIT MORSES Mors is a product made from fresh and frozen berries, with the addition of sugar, which contains at least 15% berry juice or puree. This is a delicious drink traditional for Russian cuisine. BERRY AND FRUIT COMPOTES Dessert drink is made from fruits and berries of one or several types, filled with sugar syrup.

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