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Corak Rentak Sdn. Bhd. Hall: Shk Rashid Stand: R-K43
In Malaysia, Stingless Bee honey is officially known as "Kelulut" honey. It is one of the valuable bee products and scientific journals have attributed it as having some medicinal properties. Our Stingless Bee honey products have received HALAL certification from JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development), HACCP, GMP and MeSTI certificates from Malaysia's Ministry of Health and ISO22000 from SIRIM. Based on studies done by scientists and university researchers, Stingless Bee honey has more anti-oxidant than other types of honey. It also has high anti-microbial and high anti-inflammatory activities. In 2016, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute or MARDI had recognised Stingless Bee honey as Malaysia's 1st Superfood. We offer the market who seeks for a safe honey product, B MY HONEY in a choice of bottle and sachet. We entrust our Malaysian Stingless Bee honey which has high antioxidant, high anti-microbial and high anti-inflammatory properties to be enjoyed by our customers with a peace of mind.