2022 Exhibitor Videos


Daabon Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-131
Headquartered in Santa Marta, Colombia, DAABON is a food solutions company that offers a variety of organic crops in a vertically integrated scenario, operated by the second generation of the Davila Abondano family. Our agriculture ranges from mountain crops such as Coffee, Hass avocado to flatlands where our bananas and palm oil are grown. We are home to a special environment in the northern tip of Colombia, in South America, where the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea collide. We seldom have rainfall in the area, but our short and abundant rivers provide water for our fertile lands. Our territory is diverse: some are smallholders, some are indigenous, and some african-colombians, but we all share the vision of development through consolidation, growth and economic prosperity. As a company believe, we have the responsibility to set examples to leverage positive changes in the region, and this task is a challenging one while using palm oil as a model of responsible agriculture. From the Soil to the Market