Organic Rapeseed Oil Factory - EKKO

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Organic Rapeseed Oil Factory - EKKO

Ekko LT, JSC Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-M51
We are – EKKO. An innovative Organic Rapeseed Oil producer, based in Europe – Lithuania. Our factory is located in Zarasai – a city surrounded by breathtaking nature. With strategic focus on sustainable product delivery, we operate in our modern organically certified production facilities. Specializing in Unrefined Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, its Cake, Protein & Flour production. We support local farming. That is why our products are produced from rapeseeds grown in the beautiful fields of Lithuania. EKKO follows Zero Waste policy. Meaning that none of our raw material gets wasted or thrown away. Our advanced production facilities allow us to crush, fill and pack organically grown cold-pressed seeds into 4 premium quality consumer ready products with all of the beneficial nutrient qualities stored in every product. Our selected production process ensures that this is done with no harm to Nature. Our strict crop growing and production standards allow us to offer only the finest quality organic product with every single bottle from seed to shelf. EKKO Organic Rapeseed Oil can be called a true miracle of the modern cuisine. It is Cold-Pressed and Unrefined. As well as, extremely nutritious, bursting with beneficial Omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E & K. It also retains all of its best values while cooking in up to 190 °C. All of our products are safe for Vegans and Vegetarians. Also, GMO, Gluten and Additive Free. More than 70% of our production is exported to foreign markets, including Scandinavia, North America, Asia and Europe. We are officially certified producer holding certificates in organic food production, also, Food Safety Management System which is recognized and trusted worldwide. All of our products are available to be purchased for Retail and HORECA sectors, Food Producers and Distributors. Also, organic farms. Apart from our own brand, we also offer products with Your own Private Label. We are always happy to help You prepare a Private Label which will meet Your market standards. We offer numerous options in terms of the packaging size and packaging type. Our goal is to become part of the Circular Economy. With touch of modern technology and our belief in social responsibility, we are looking forward to provide organic food in the most sustainable way. EKKO – organic rapeseed oil made with love for us and our Planet!

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