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Hello Day!


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Hello Day!

AGUS Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-M17
Hello Day!
Hello Day! - hot “must have” of the season We are all perfectly aware that customers are increasingly looking for food and beverages that consist of simple, low-processed ingredients and help to change their diets and support the well-being.. Are you looking for products that will fit into these needs? Check out Hello Day!, an innovative proposition from Agus. The brand's line includes fruit smoothies and nut bars and will be presented during Gulfood. Agus is the food and beverage company, leading in dairy, beverages, and snacks. Our recognized brands include Royal Milk, Olimp Milk, Diamond Milk, Imperial, Pride, Majestic, Milmo, Milky, Hello Day! and Hello Day! ESSENTIALS. During Gulfood the company will present products from Hello Day! line. One of them is smoothie, which consists of natural, non-concentrated purees, fruit juices, coconut milk, without low-cost fillers. Thick, filling, liquid snack contains no added sugars, and its sweetness is only due to the natural sweetness of fruits. Smoothie from Agus is produced in aseptic processing technology, creating shelf-stable beverage, which does not need refrigeration, with a long 12-month shelf life. Its logistics does not require controlled temperature. In store, our smoothie can be displayed in two areas: on shelves and in refrigerators, fully complementing the food offer and the "to go" category. The drink comes in three delicious flavors: passion fruit, pineapple, and mango. Another offering from Agus is Hello Day! Honey Nut Bars, which consist of only natural ingredients. The bars contain roasted, high-quality nuts and 20% natural blossom honey. There are three flavors: sea salt, cranberry and dark chocolate. All the bars have a pleasant, crunchy texture, making them perfect for a quick snack. Agus also introduced Hello Day! ESSENTIALS, affordable multicategory consumer line. Main idea was to provide consumers with quality yet affordable essential food and beverages such asinstant products, cheese and cheese analogues, sauces, canned products, and beverages, among others. Hello Day! products are already selling well in Europe winning the hearts of customers with their delicious taste and quality. We are working to expand our sales network, so we invite anyone interested in the possibility of buying our products to talk to us during the Gulfood Dubai. We look forward to seeing you at our booth at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, S1 - M17 – explains Andrzej Mirowski. - We will also be present in the dairy sector, where we will present our milk powders in hall 2, C2 - 44. *** Agus is the food and beverage company, leading in dairy, beverages, snacks, breakfast products and many more on the radar. We want to bring food and beverages to all people. Our DNA is to win hearts of our customers around the world by innovating and creating food and beverage products that meet their everyday needs and desires. Our recognized international and regional brands include Royal Milk, Olimp Milk, Diamond Milk, Imperial, Pride, Majestic, Milmo, Milky and Hello Day!. Operating areas are Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. More at

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