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Agus’ milk powders - guarantee of international success


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Agus’ milk powders - guarantee of international success

AGUS Hall: Hall 2 Stand: C2-44
Agus’ milk powders - guarantee of international success
Used as a substitute for liquid milk, it is popular with customers, who appreciate its quality and performance. Royal Milk as it is referred to, is one of Agus' flagship fat filled milk powders, that is a genuine benchmark in Africa and in the Middle East. It is perfectly suitable for drinking, homemade artisan yoghurts preparation, as well as all industrial applications. But Agus' portfolio of milk powders is more diversified. It will be presented during Gulfood at Hall 2, C2 - 44. Company’s well-known and respected brands include Royal Milk, an innovative product that has been recently enriched with vitamins and minerals. It’s available as regular and instant. It is designed for varied applications: dairy, beverage, bakery, confectionery, and ice cream. Thanks to high protein content Royal Milk is excellent for homemade yoghurt (lait caillé). Consumers in Africa and the Middle East appreciate increased efficiency. - In addition to Royal Milk and to meet the current challenges of the markets, we also offer other brands of milk powder - explains Andrzej Mirowski, Agus Communications Director. Diamond is delicious, nutritious and tastes just like fresh milk. It has excellent instant properties – needed by the whole family. Diamond makes a delicious milk drink and is also ideal with porridge, cereals, and cooking. Thanks to its competitive price and numerous applications, it’s popular among customers. Olimp Milk, is an instant fat filled milk powder with nice, pure flavour, yellowish colour and excellent protein and fat functionality. It is based on dairy ingredients and vegetable oil, available in an instant form. It is appreciated for its drinking and whitening properties. It is suitable for dairy, cooking and baking. The company's portfolio also includes high-quality milk powder ingredients, milk powder blends and commodity milk powders. One of these includes Agus, a well-known brand Milky for great-tasting milk and dairy powder ingredients for food industry. It is appreciated by industrial clients, has wide range of applications as ram material in bakery, confectionery, ice cream, chocolates, cookies, cakes, beverages, and others. These and other Agus’ products will be presented at Gulfood. - We invite all partners to our dairy booth at Hall 2, C2 - 44. We will be happy to talk about opportunities to purchase our products - says Mirowski. Agus will be also present at Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, S1 - M17, where company will showcase Hello Day! smoothies and nut bars. *** Agus is the food and beverage company, leading in dairy, beverages, snacks, breakfast products and many more on the radar. We want to bring food and beverages to all people. Our DNA is to win hearts of our customers around the world by innovating and creating food and beverage products that meet their everyday needs and desires. Our recognized international and regional brands include Royal Milk, Olimp Milk, Diamond Milk, Imperial, Pride, Majestic, Milmo, Milky and Hello Day!. Operating areas are Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. More at

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