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Daioni Organic - serving up the best of Welsh goodness !


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Daioni Organic - serving up the best of Welsh goodness !

Daioni Organic Hall: Hall 2 Stand: A2-24
Daioni Organic - serving up the best of Welsh goodness !
We are Daioni Organic. 20th to 24th February 2023, Dubai. This May, the award-winning Welsh organic dairy brand Daioni will start delivering long-life organic milk from its lush, green farms to UAE shelves. Based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Daioni prides itself on the quality of its organic milk. The milk comes from meadow cows that roam freely on certified organic farms. Daioni organic HTST milk is exclusively available in the UK, including the Harris family farm – where the Daioni brand was born. Our Organic UHT milk is produced and packed in our partnered Netherland organic farms. Founded by Laurence Harris, who has been a dairy farmer for over 40 years, the Daioni brand offers a suite of drinks, including wholesome organic long-life I litre plain milk and 200ml flavoured milk in chocolate, strawberry, banana, and 250 ml coffee latte, macchiato and salty caramel flavoured milk. THE BENEFITS OF DAIONI ORGANIC MILK The benefits of organic milk are extensive. The nutrient density of organic milk is far higher than conventional milk, while at the same time, it is free from chemical contamination. Daioni organic milk is not only healthier - it tastes better too. Just some of the benefits of organic milk include: ü Higher in antioxidants ü Higher in vitamins, esp. vitamin A, C & E ü Higher in minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron & chromium ü Higher in Omega 3 X No pesticides or synthetic fertilisers X No synthetic growth or breeding hormones X No antibiotics X No GMOs X Less pollution and dangerous waste T THE BENEFITS OF LONG-LIFE MILK Daioni organic long-life milk offers the flavour and quality of fresh milk but with an extended shelf life. Long-life milk is perfect for Hong Kong households — it comes in compact packaging that can be stored in dry cupboards, requiring no refrigeration until the carton is opened. Long-life milk is a safe, bacteria-free option particularly suited to Hong Kong’s harsh summer climates when chilled distribution chains may be compromised and fresh milk products spoilt before they reach supermarket shelves.

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