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Emperor Akbar is India’s Topmost Cardamom Exporter Again!


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Emperor Akbar is India’s Topmost Cardamom Exporter Again!

Samex India Pvt. Ltd. Hall: Concourse 1 Stand: CC3-79
Emperor Akbar is India’s Topmost Cardamom Exporter Again!
Emperor Akbar is India’s Topmost Cardamom Exporter Again! Emperor Akbar Cardamom has done it yet again. It has been named ‘India’s Topmost Cardamom Exporter’. The award was announced by the Spice Board of India during the 2023 edition of the World Spice Congress held between 16th and 18th February. Emperor Akbar is the flagship brand of Samex India Pvt Ltd. The company is one of only two entities in the world certified to market the GI-Tagged Alleppey Green Cardamom. An ISO 22000:2018 company, it has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of Indian cardamom to regions where it was never previously exported. Emperor Akbar is exported to nearly 30 countries across the globe. Emperor Akbar’s tryst with quality dates back several centuries to the Raja of Travancore, who decreed that only the very best quality of cardamom would be earmarked for export from the seaport of Alleppey. That led to merchants sailing halfway around the globe just to procure this renowned and treasured spice. Emperor Akbar has carried on this legacy by handpicking only the best pods for its packs. And it has gone several steps ahead through constant innovation and adoption of technology to ensure that not only is the best produce inside its packs, but also that this remains fresh till the last pod in the pack. Hemen Ruparel, CEO, explains: “We at Samex India have set the standard through our innovative approach. We pioneered the launch of aroma-lock packaging which helps retain cardamom’s legendary aroma until it reaches the kitchen of the end user – wherever they may be. Then, if the user retains the pods in the aroma-lock pack, and secures it firmly after every use, the freshness stays locked in even longer!” Innovation is a way of life at Emperor Akbar. The brand was the first to introduce quality-based, colour-coded, standardised grading of cardamom to satisfy different needs of different consumers across market segments. This has now become an industry norm. It was also the first to introduce UV-coated textured cartons that helped retain their attraction over all kinds of transportation weather and terrain. It then replaced the traditional black plastic lining inside cartons with special, eco-friendly paper to prevent deterioration in pod colour. Every single packet is batchwise-traceable; the resealable zipper packs are tamper-proof which is a strong deterrent against adulteration; and a range of packs are now made from bio-degradable material. All of which has made Emperor Akbar a dominant player in major markets in keeping with its vision to spread the aroma of green cardamom across the world. That the brand continues to set standards of excellence emerges from its ethos that benchmarks itself only to customer expectations. This latest award is confirmation that Emperor Akbar is the world’s most popular cardamom brand.

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