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Industry Outlook


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Industry Outlook

Sri Sainath Industry Private Limited Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP-K36
Industry Outlook
India is one of the largest producer, exporter and consumer of rice in the world that gives it a very prominent position in the international rice market. It was in 1980s when the country’s government allowed the start of rice export which gave a major boost to the rice sector and to the GDP of the nation. Though initially the export market mainly catered to the basmati segment. However, now even non-basmati rice sector exports are flourishing at a good rate. Sri Sai Nath Agri Industries (SSAI) is one of the distinguished producers and exporters of rice that goes by an organized structure from top to bottom. With more than 42 years of experience in the industry, the company is well equipped with all sets of operations starting from production to final delivery of product. SSAI is a family owned business and is operational for more than four decades now. The company has been a witness to the dynamic patterns of the rice industry and has structured itself accordingly at all stages. The group company started with a humble beginning as a trader in the market. It was in 1985 when the group company inaugurated its first production unit in Raipur. Today it has one of the biggest and well equipped rice unit of Central India at Nagpur. It is headed by Mohit Agrawal, the Director. SSAI identifies itself as one of the largest exporters of non-basmati rice. The company has various specialized units across many places in the central part of India where it produces different types of rice. It has premium productions operations for different varieties of par boiled rice and other kinds of rice such as swarna, black rice, IR36 rice, white rice and others. All the varieties that SSAI currently manufactures are predominantly sold to the export market. It can be classified as one of the distinguished distributors of par boiled rice to the European and African countries. “We started export of rice in 1992 just when the government allowed. Before that we did business in the domestic market catering to the local demand. And now, we are one of the largest exporters of rice in India. Our production units are spread all across central India and are collectively capable of producing 1600 metric tonnes of rice a day”, says the Director. Assurance of Quality There are various factors at play when it comes to exports, the first of which is quality. Various quality certifications and accreditations must be kept under consideration if a company is looking to conduct business through export. Operations related to the production, logistics and timely delivery of goods play significant role in the overall performance of the business. This is where most of players in the rice market in India struggle. Since major part of the market here is highly unorganized, leading to imperfections and delay in logistics. Being in the market for such a long time, the company has gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the domain it

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