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Lamai Coco


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Lamai Coco

F W INTER TRADING CO. LTD Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-M8
Lamai Coco
Established in 2015, Lamai sources the best coconuts Thailand offers and makes them available for everyone to enjoy across the globe all year round. Our coconuts grow in the nutrient-rich soil of the Mae Klong river banks and are handpicked at the perfect time. This is where the King of Coconuts grows, the Namhom genus, legendary for its rich aroma, flavorful meat and refreshing water. Lamai provides a wide range of superior quality coconut based products all 100% organic, ethically sourced and uncompromisingly fresh. In fact, the only way to enjoy our coconuts fresher would be to travel to Thailand, climb a tree with a machete, break the coconut open yourself and drink it right there and then. Since the very beginning our vision has remained the same. Offer the highest quality coconut based products while positively impacting the lives of people across the entire supply chain and minimizing the impact on the environment. Lamai coconuts are recognized by the world’s leading authorities for being fully organic and fair trade and certified by Fair for Life, USDA, HACCP and GMP among many others. Our coconut products are 100% fresh and organic, no concentrates, sweeteners or anything added whatsoever. Coconuts are nutrient rich, especially in the electrolytes potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, Vitamin C, some B vitamins, protein, fiber and antioxidants. From enjoying fresh on a hot summer day to rejuvenating your body after an exercise or using their oil on your skin, food or hair, coconuts are multi-beneficial. Until today we could mostly enjoy coconuts at their purest form in tropical countries like Thailand with many coconut based drinks and products in the west having added sugars and concentrates for longer shelf life. At Lamai we pioneered a patent pending process to capture the freshness, rich taste and nutrients of freshly cut coconuts without the need of additives. All our products, from the fresh coconuts to the coconut oil and shaky coco powder are of the highest quality, sourced ethically and support local farmers and communities.

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