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Maison Amarella: The Home of Happiness


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Maison Amarella: The Home of Happiness

Maison Amarella SA Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-E13
Maison Amarella: The Home of Happiness
Imagine a house filled with gourmet and colorful flavors that you can enjoy over a coffee with friends or just for yourself. Do you have the pictures? I present to you Maison Amarella, an ode to pleasure, happiness and above all to the chocolate (this one is just super good) and fruity flavor of macarons. Family business with a big heart located in a small village in Broye Fribourgeoise. The range of possibilities is unlimited. Future event ? It is possible to celebrate it with delicious macarons. Life with a macaroon is a party every day. The goal is to make you happy. A passion at the heart of artisanal creation. It is this passion that led Alia Adi to create Maison Amarella, a brand of artisanal pastries specializing in the making of high-end macarons. The heart of our philosophy is based both on the quality of Swiss ingredients and on harmony with nature. Read more:

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