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Mellona - Traditional raw honey spreads


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Mellona - Traditional raw honey spreads

Mellona - Assia Mare Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-130
Mellona - Traditional raw honey spreads
Our raw honey comes from blossoms of scented Mediterranean flora such as Myrophora (wild Cyprus lavender), Melissohorto (Bee grass), Myrtle, Citrus and literally a million other kinds of different native blossoms growing wild in Cyprus rocky land. Its flavour and fine aroma are exceptional. We produce our premium quality honey and the other honey spreads in Limassol province on the southern coast of Cyprus. Due to the unique climate and soil characteristics of this land, we produce agricultural products of exceptional quality. Many varieties of native herbs and flowers are unique to the world, and so is the fine honey our bees produce from them. Produced in small batches, it is fully traceable. What is more, each Mellona jar is tested separately since the label and package finishing is handmade. 1. Raw honey 2. Raw honey with Carob 3. Raw honey with Grape must 4. Raw honey with Pomegranate must 5. Raw honey with Almonds 6. Raw honey with Peanuts 7. Raw honey with Hazelnuts 8. Raw honey with Ceylon Cinnamon 9. Raw honey with Cardamom 10. Raw honey with Lemon Balm SUGGESTIONS OF USE: Enjoy on a toast. Add in morning cereals. Mix in a hot or cold beverage. Drizzle over yogurt or ice-cream. Pair with cheese. Use in salad dressings. They can be enjoyed in so many wonderful ways!

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