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Mollys Food Enterprise Press Release


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Mollys Food Enterprise Press Release

Mollys Food Enterprice Pty Ltd Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-G74
Mollys Food Enterprise Press Release
Product type: Lactose free whey based ginger powder beverage. Flavour type: Natural Ginger Flavour Preservative type: Salt Introduction Mollys diabetic friendly non glycemic powder beverage is an exceptional new product development. This beverage is non glycemic it does not raise blood sugar levels so it can be consumed in large volumes by consumers with type 1 diabetes. On its nutritional table it reflects kilojoules contributed by the sweetening system which includes erythritol a sugar alcohol (polyol). The protein contribution of the product is because of the whey powder in the product. Mollys 25g sachets make up a 500ml ready to drink beverage after it is either mixed with still or carbonated water. The best results are achieved with cold water. Mollys ginger drink is flavoured with a natural ginger flavour therefore all the nutritional and medicinal benefits of consuming ginger are imbedded in this product. We trust you will find our submission compelling enough for an award. Regards Lerato Nonyane Mollys Food Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

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