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New healthy snacks and desserts Jump.Bio


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

New healthy snacks and desserts Jump.Bio

Zdorovaya Planeta LLC Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-F2
New healthy snacks and desserts Jump.Bio
Jump into a healthy life! Yes, exactly with our desserts and snacks Jump.Bio you can immerse yourself into the world of healthy eating and you don’t need to limit your pleasure. How do we succeed in this? We produce protein bars and sweets without added sugar, enriched with dietary fiber, with a truly delicious taste. We use complete dairy-baised protein for a full amino acid profile. We use low calorie sweeteners that are not metabolized by the body, do not spike blood sugar and have a high digestive tolerance. Our own production facility is located in Moscow and meets international safety standards. Try Jump.Bio and see for yourself!

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