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Players of future


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Players of future

AGUS Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-M17
Players of future
Which product categories will see dynamic growth over the next year and the next five to ten years? Will plant-based products replace animal-based ones and permanently change the eating habits of global consumers? Finally, which sectors envisage highest global sales forecasts? The most important trends in the food market for the coming years were presented by Agus, at Agus Silver Jubilee Reception, alongside Gulfood 2023, in cooperation with Statista, a global data provider of market and consumer data. On its 25th anniversary, Agus, food, and beverage firm leading in dairy, beverages, snacks, breakfast products, and many more on the radar has formed a strategic global data partnership with Statista. The cooperation is aimed at identifying major trends in the broader food and beverage markets and providing a viable business response to the main tendencies. “Data-driven business has been at the core of our DNA since our very beginning. We don't just respond to consumer needs, we map them and introduce products to our portfolio that anticipate these needs, co-creating trends,” explains Andrzej Mirowski, Agus’ Communications Director. One product category that will grow dynamically in the coming years is milk powder. According to Statista, the size of the global market for milk powder was $32.3 billion in 2022 and will reach as much as $47.4 billion in 2028. “Dairy represents a huge sector of the food market with snacks, one of the most profitable categories, ranked right next to it. Their global sales will have reached as much as 536 billion US dollars by the end of 2023,” explains Saifaddin Galal, research expert for the Middle East and Africa (covering food security, agriculture, economy, and societal topics) at Statista. As the expert pointed out, so-called healthy snacks will be an ever-stronger player in the global market every year due to the increasing awareness of consumers, who are eagerly leaning towards sugar-free and plant-based products. This is confirmed by the figures: in 2021, global revenues from the sale of healthy snacks reached $85,6 billion and are expected to hit $152,5 billion by 2030. “Our innovative line Hello Day! responds to consumers' needs today. It includes fruit smoothies and nut bars, among others. All products feature simple and low processed ingredients and no sugars added,” comments Mirowski. Given the potential of the growing plant-based category and its plans for global expansion, Agus has already announced active steps in expanding its portfolio with these products. Indeed, Statista data shows that their global sales will grow strongly. “Nowadays, the key to success lies in, first and foremost, understanding local realities, in a flexible business approach and the ability to adapt to customers’ needs. And these are best learned through strategic business alliances, such as our partnership with Statista, among others. As part of the intensive international expansion announced on Agus Silver Jubilee, we are actively seeking new partners. We are therefore open to cooperation based on long-term relationships and highest quality branded products that we offer,” comments Mirowski.

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