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Prince Louis' baby formula was 'sweeter' than George & Charlotte's - £14 from Sainsbury's


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Prince Louis' baby formula was 'sweeter' than George & Charlotte's - £14 from Sainsbury's

Kendamil Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-19
Prince Louis' baby formula was 'sweeter' than George & Charlotte's - £14 from Sainsbury's
Prince Louis, four, was reportedly supplied with Cumbrian-based Kendal Nutricare baby milk formula when he was younger. Prince William and Kate Middleton were said to be introduced to the formula by their nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo. Ms Borrallo contacted the company in June 2018 after becoming concerned by parent claims that a new formulation of Aptamil powdered baby milk formula was making babies ill. Having weaned Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, six, on formula made abroad, the Prince and Princess of Wales opted for Kendamil - which claims to be the only infant formula made in Great Britain - for their youngest in November 2018. They were said to be so happy with the products that they recommended them to Kate's sister Pippa Middleton for her eldest son Arthur, who was also born in 2018 like his cousin Louis. She consequently put in an order, as was reported by the Sunday Telegraph. Kendal Nutricare chief executive Ross McMahon said the royal appointment began after he met King Charles in April 2018 at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. After informing him about his full-cream baby formula, which sources its milk locally from Cumbria and Lancashire farms, he invited the then-Prince of Wales to visit the factory in the Lake District. Following this meeting, Ms Borrallo got in touch on behalf of William and Kate. Mr McMahon said: "She asked me questions for about an hour about the provenance of the product and the difference between Kendamil and other products. "We sent our product to Norland for them to consider and taste test and they were very happy." According to the Kendamil website, its formula - which carries the crown logo - is "easily digested, has a more natural and sweeter taste due to its full cream content and contains less vegetable oil than competitor formulas made from skimmed milk". It's also vegetarian and allergy-free as its omega 3 and 6 are derived from pure marine algae rather than fish oil. The company was founded in 1962. Kendal Nutricare even flew their formula over to the USA to help combat the shortages caused by supply chain issues and product recalls. Mr McMahon, who bought the factory for £1 in 2015, told the Sunday Telegraph his business has since grown by 400 percent. In 2018 he signed a five-year contract with Orient International Holding Shanghai Foreign Trade Company, worth £85million. An 800g tin of Kendamil first infant milk costs £14 from Sainsbury's.

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