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2023 Exhibitor Press Releases


Global for Industrialization & Development (Puvana) Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-A12
BEST IN CLASS QUALITY: • All our production operations are quality controlled and recorded around the clock in modern quality control labs. • One of the best ground source of water in Egypt. SUPER NATURAL PURITY: - Our water has an optimal pH level 8.2 - 7.8 which is considered the best natural balance. PS. PH. scientific details will follow the next slide. GERMAN EXPERTISE: PUVANA is our core brand sourced from a deep well in wadi el natron located away from sources of contamination selected by German experts. PRODUCT BENEFITS: Purely alkaline pH Water that is characterized by balance in the percentage of dissolved salts and free of manganese and iron. Premium Packaging. Single use gallons - unreturnable.

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