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QminC turmeric extract health drink The new Thai brand is hot. without preservatives


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

QminC turmeric extract health drink The new Thai brand is hot. without preservatives

TERA FOOD & BEVERAGE COMPANY LIMITED Hall: Za'abeel Hall 3 Stand: Z3-135
QminC turmeric extract health drink The new Thai brand is hot. without preservatives
Innovate and do good things for consumers. With delicious, healthy, safe drinks (no preservatives) with strong determination to set a new standard for the health drink industry in Thailand to produce healthy drinks without preservatives Because it may be one of the causes of cancer. Thanthis Yuenyong Techahiran (Top), Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tera Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of "QminC", healthy drink from natural turmeric extract Therefore, QminC was launched and released in September 2020 after spending more than 3 years studying and looking for market opportunities for the health drink business. Including inventing innovation Formula and ingredients used in production and search for flavors that satisfy the tastes of consumers. Thanthis, a 33-year-old young CEO, said, “As a consumer who wants a healthy drink. likes to drink and consume healthy food Therefore, we invent and do good quality things for consumers. with drinks available health benefits delicious taste and most importantly, must be safe. which here is without preservatives.” The company therefore invented a natural turmeric extract drink under the brand QminC. which is a natural turmeric extracted drink mixed with lemon Curcumin (Curcumin) L-Glutathione and essential vitamins for the body The color of the drink is yellow from natural turmeric. sweet and sour taste Less sugar, only 40 calories “Turmeric has been popular all over the world for thousands of years and has been praised as a super food by Japan. Turmeric extract drink is one of the best-selling drinks that Japanese people drink turmeric regularly for detoxification, liver care and anti-inflammatory. in England and Europe Turmeric is also very widespread, considered as a healthy shot,” said Thanit. Thanathit said "Since the main ingredient of QminC is turmeric, the company therefore seeks raw materials and innovations in production, resulting in the turmeric extract used in QminC being developed to be odorless. and has particles that are small at the nano level, but it is concentrated and easily absorbed by having liposomes (Liposome) coated so that there is no disturbing odor. make the taste that is right for the consumer's mouth"! The company sets a sales target in 2021 of 2 million bottles per month, with plans to expand distribution channels abroad. which is expected to enter the market in Singapore as the first country before expanding across Asia, Europe and the Middle East Under the main mission is Making QminC a leader in healthy beverages that has been successful both domestically and internationally.

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