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Rooh Afza GO Press Release


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Rooh Afza GO Press Release

Hamdard Laboratories (WAQF) Pakistan Hall: Za'abeel Plaza Stand: ZP-C45
Rooh Afza GO Press Release
If there is one drink that is an integral part of the lifestyle of Pakistanis, it is Rooh Afza – the king of red syrups – a ceremonial elixir that is a favourite for every season – and is particularly iftar’s most refreshing delight. Possessing a unique taste and pleasantly distinctive aroma, it is also packed with health benefits. For a brand possessing a legacy of a 115 years, to establish a new extension was a daunting task – but it came to life, in the form of Rooh Afza GO – a version of the traditional concentrated syrup, already diluted and made ready-to-drink – plus being carbonated to have fizz to match that of youth! Rooh Afza GO is perfect for everyone who seeks instant refreshment, while being on the go. Rooh Afza GO was launched in an even more dynamic and unique manner. It was Pakistan’s only beverage to be launched 33,000 ft. above the ground! This breakthrough launch was possible because of collaboration with Pakistan’s National Airline in May 2019. Rooh Afza GO has tapped into spaces that no new brand has ventured into i.e. partnering with one of the largest and most prestigious advertising congresses in Asia – Ad Asia. Besides this, Rooh Afza and Rooh Afza GO have also partnered with the different style of movies and activities like Karachi Eat, Dawn Exhibitions, and the surprise ad film showing of Rooh Afza at Time’s Square New York! Yes indeed. Rooh Afza is on the GO!

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