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Top Paddock Halal Lamb


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Top Paddock Halal Lamb

Jaber Measam Foodstuff LLC Hall: Hall 8 Stand: D8-40
Top Paddock Halal Lamb
PREMIUM EATING QUALITY • From paddock to plate, every stage of the Top Paddock Lamb supply chain has been carefully managed to ensure a premium eating experience for diners. • All lambs are second cross British and European breed fat lambs prized for their superb eating quality. Lambs are processed between 8 and 12 months, the ideal age for maximum eating quality. • Top Paddock lambs are grassfed, free range animals raised on mineral-rich, native pastures in Southern Australia. These are perfect conditions for growing world class lambs with optimal eating quality. • Carcase sizes are graded 23-27kg and 27-33kg dressed weight range providing consistent eating quality, while only lambs with a fat score of 1-3 are selected for a premium EQ. • Vacuum packaging allows for wet ageing which is an important process in achieving optimum EQ. Lamb racks can be aged before freezing to ensure best eating quality. • Top Paddock Lamb is free from antibiotics and has no added hormones or chemical residue present. Lambs are processed in export accredited plants that are AQIS inspected, AUS-MEAT accredited as well as Halal, HACCP and BRC certified. • A carefully monitored supply chain ensures moisture content is not compromised through temperature fluctuation, delivering tender EQ every time.

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