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Try: Mast Chew


2023 Exhibitor Press Releases

Try: Mast Chew

Australian Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-356
Try: Mast Chew
Although its been established that traditional chewing gum doesn’t take 7 years to digest, it is true that it can cause a number of gastric issues when swallowed. Moreover, with many supermarket brands opting for synthetic resins, fillers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, gum can contain controversial ingredients, such as Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Titanium Dioxide and Aspartame, that can be detrimental to the human body.      Containing no synthetics, latex, sugars, colours, additives or artificial sweeteners, Mast Chew is easily digested by the body and has been shown to assist in the treatment of stomach ulcers when swallowed.

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