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Abonett VeganPro Crackerbread


2023 Exhibitor Products

Abonett VeganPro Crackerbread

Abonett Elelmiszergyarto Es Kereskedelmi Kft Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-B57
Abonett VeganPro crackerbreads are vegan, have a low calorie content, are gluten-free, have a high fiber and protein content, giving an excellent choice for meal replacement. The VeganPro crackerbread is available in foil packaging, 1 pack (100 g) containing approximately 21 pieces. The VeganPro crackerbread pieces are approximately 115x60x6 mm rectangles, with approximately uniform thickness and light green-brown color. VeganPro crackerbreads have a clean fragrance, are free of unusual odor, which are typical of the ingredients used. They are also free of any unusual taste typical of the ingredients used, are crunchy and loose in their structure. Available for private label production, endorsed by our extensive industrial knowledge, expandable production capacity and expertise in the extruded and crackerbread products. Our VeganPro crackerbread does not contain any genetically modified organisms. Shelf life is 480 days / 16 months from production date. The VeganPro crackerbread needs to be stored in a dry and dark place.


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