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Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil Limited addition


2023 Exhibitor Products

Ariston Extra Virgin Olive oil Limited addition

ARISTON HELLAS Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-F10
The annual olive oil harvest is highly anticipated event, representing the culmination of a year’s worth of efforts to produce the highest quality Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO). During the analytical process of the EVOO, our team also conducted an analysis of the leaves from the olive trees. This analysis revealed that the olives used to produce the oil were a cross between Koroneiki and Myrtolia olives. The finding corresponds with the fields of origin and further confirms the exceptional quality of the EVOO we have produced. Why is this olive oil unique? The unique combination of the Koroneiki and Myrtolia olives imparts a diverse range of aromas to the EVOO produced from these olives. The Koroneiki olives are known to contribute aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass, artichokes, and various greens, while the Myrtolia olives impact aromas of herbs and spices. The harmonious blend of fragrances is a hallmark of EVOO produced from these olives, adding a distinctive character to the oil. Limited Production This Extra virgin olive oil is made in limited quantities according to the harvest each year from this unique olive.


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