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Cocugar Organic Thai Pure Coconut Sugar Granule


2023 Exhibitor Products

Cocugar Organic Thai Pure Coconut Sugar Granule

ENAXUS THAILAND CO. LTD. Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-N41
Organic Thai Prue Coconut Sugar Granule Processed from 100% sap of organic coconut nectar Low Glycemic Index. This does not cause blood sugar spike. Naturally mild flavor. No effect on taste profile of food, and drink. Naturally crunchy. Sprinkle on salad, icecream, dessert, yoghurt or any dishes. Natural light color due to low-temperature processing Use as sugar substitute in all kinds of food, and drink. 100% Unrefined & unbleached 100% Free from artificial color, flavor 100% Free from preservative Certified organic (NOP, EU, JAS) Certified Vegan, Kosher Food safety certificates: GHP, HACCP Shelf life: 2 years after manufacturing Close lid tightly after opening. This package can best preserve product quality. Please avoid repacking into a different type of packaging.


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