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Danica Caterwhip


2023 Exhibitor Products

Danica Caterwhip

Scandic Foods A S Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-B4
Danica Caterwhip is an unsweetened dairy alternative where we use UHT (ultra high temperature) technology to make the product long lasting. Caterwhip can be whipped into a foam suitable for decorating and filling cakes and desserts. Its high volume of up to 400% when whipped makes it very economical to use compared to dairy products. The vegetable fat we use is optimised with its melting point close to body temperature, which makes it melt in your mouth and not on the table. The stability is therefore better than using butterfat, which we all know becomes soft on the table. - Suitable for decorating desserts and cakes - Only about half the use of dairy products - therefore whip smaller portions


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