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Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range

2023 Exhibitor Products

Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range

Dairy Partners Hall: Hall 2 Stand: A2-30
  • Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range
  • Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range
Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range Dairy Partners Cheese & Pizza cheese range
Processed and analogue cheese Processed and analogue cheeses allows us to produce functional products to meet the demands of our customers. Products include MCA (Mozzarella cheese analogue) and High/low melt processed cheese. Delicious ways to use our cheeses include: on pizzas for that mouth-watering ‘stretch’ effect; sprinkled on top of pasta for added flavour and texture; melted in sandwiches and paninis; as a protein ingredient in salads; across a range of main course dishes and on top of baked savouries and speciality breads. Mozzarella and Pizza Cheese We have been at the forefront of cheese making for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise of making delicious products for a wide range of international food service, QSR and ingredients markets is widely recognised. Our mozzarella and pizza cheese range is known around the globe for its distinctive creamy flavour and texture. Regularly used by chefs for creating the tastiest pizzas and Italian specialties, our mozzarella is the ‘go to’ cheese for leading pizza and pasta chains, food operators and wholesalers in the UK and across the world. Our supreme range of mozzarella and pizza cheese is made at our site in Wales using the traditional Italian method of Pasta Filata. The curd is heated and stretched before forming the final cheese for a moisture rich texture that is ideal for cooking. The ultimate melt, dependable taste and the characteristic stringy properties makes our mozzarella and pizza cheese a firm customer favourite. All products are available in Block, Grated, Shredded & Diced formats


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