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Duck Breast Fillets


2023 Exhibitor Products

Duck Breast Fillets

Silver Hill Duck Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-C33
  • Duck Breast Fillets
  • Duck Breast Fillets
Duck Breast Fillets Duck Breast Fillets
AVAILABLE IN FILLET OR SUPREME • Due to the natural diet of our duck it will always have a very clean after taste with no hints of metallic notes or liver. It is also more succulent than most breeds and does not suffer if cooked above medium well. • Due to the nature of our breed, our fillets carry a little more fat and need to be handled differently from other breeds and should be started on a cold pan. • For the best fat render and crispy skin, after the fillet has been scored, start on a cold dry pan, fat side down over a medium heat and finish in the oven. • If needed the fat can be rendered as part of your mise en place and finished in the oven for service


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