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F&B Nutrition - Evaporated Milk


2023 Exhibitor Products

F&B Nutrition - Evaporated Milk

F and B NUTRITION SDN BHD Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-H42
  • F&B Nutrition -  Evaporated Milk
  • F&B Nutrition -  Evaporated Milk
F&B Nutrition -  Evaporated Milk F&B Nutrition -  Evaporated Milk
Evaporated Full Cream Milk Elevate your recipes with our superior evaporated milk, packed with the goodness of full cream with vitamins A& D3, calcium and no added sugar for the ultimate creaminess in culinary applications. Also an excellent ingredient in cakes and pudding. Evaporated Filled Milk The key ingredient in creating savory dishes by adding creamy and smooth texture to cream-based sauces or soups, or as a marinade for tender and juicy meats. Our evaporated filled milk is also the perfect taste enhancer for milk teas. Fortified with Vitamin A & D3and free from cholesterol and trans fatty acid. Evaporated Creamer This palm-based creamer is suitable for both hot and cold beverages, savory dishes and desserts. Apart from it's common usage in making delicious and aromatic treats, it's the secret ingredient in producing fluffy and tasty omelet.


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