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Good night herb matcha gold

2023 Exhibitor Products

Good night herb matcha gold

Leafect Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-164
  • Good night herb matcha	gold
  • Good night herb matcha	gold
Good night herb matcha	gold Good night herb matcha	gold
What do modern people need? It's relaxing. People are busy with work and housework, and more and more information comes in from smartphones and computers. As a pharmacist, the most common concerns I have when talking to people are "I can't get rid of my fatigue" and "I want to lose weight." This tea will approach the two. The two wild grasses contained in this tea, mulberry and kakidooshi, are herbs that have been loved by people since ancient times. As you know, mulberry leaves are food for silkworms. Mulberry is rich in nutrients, as evidenced by the fact that silkworms can make strong silk thread from this leaf alone. Kakidooshi is a tea with a slightly mint-like scent, and has been popular since ancient times as a medicinal herb that relieves children's stress and keeps unnecessary things from building up in people's bodies. This time, we added stevia, which is popular as a medical herb in South America, to add a zero-calorie sweetness. You can drink it deliciously with milk or water. The visually beautiful gold leaf was made by craftsmen in Kanazawa, Japan. The beauty of Kanazawa's gold leaf has been famous since ancient times, and it adds a glittering sparkle to your tea. Gold is known to be the most difficult metal to ionize, and even if it enters the human body, it will be excreted without any change. Enjoy 100% pure Japanese wild grass matcha that contains nothing but wild herbs and gold leaf.


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