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HATA KOSEN Bottle Ramune Blueberry 200ml


2023 Exhibitor Products

HATA KOSEN Bottle Ramune Blueberry 200ml

ANBER Inc Hall: Za'abeel Plaza Stand: ZP-61
Blueberry flavoured Japanese soda drink by Hatakosen. An authentic Japanese tasty drink with a fun top to open! There's an art to opening the marble top, but thats part of the fun! A berrytastic sweet and fruity glass bottle of blueberry ramune; the ideal summertime cool down! Part of the quintessential Japanese summer experience, these unique bottles come with a traditional glass marble stopper neck. To open the drink you must use the included plunger to “pop” the glass ball into the bottle. Then you are free to enjoy the fruity, bubbly goodness. Best served chilled. Ramune is particularly popular in J-pop culture and is often in Anime films.


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