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Hexagonal Sheeted Small 17mm PAPAD


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Hexagonal Sheeted Small 17mm PAPAD

Jayant Snacks And Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-A56
Product : Hexagonal Sheeted Small 17mm PAPAD Production Process : Extrusion cooked, formed at low pressure to prevent expansion, and dried to a final moisture content of about 10% to form a glassy pellet. A high moisture dough is used at a lower temperature to create formed or pelletized products. When the exudate is forced through the forming die, the product, rather than expanding, takes the shape of the die. As a result, a dense, intricately shaped pellet is formed. When the product exits the extruder, it has the shape of the die, which means it is not expanded and is dried in this state. The product is then expanded by frying, heating with hot air, or heating in a microwave oven. This product has a low moisture content (between 7 and 10%). high density and stability for long-term storage without microbial damage.

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