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Higher Living Organic Herbal Collection


2023 Exhibitor Products

Higher Living Organic Herbal Collection

Only Natural Products Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-M11
A collection of 5 different blends: Chamomile & Vanilla, Ginger Kick, Peppermint & Licorice, Very Berry and Rooibos Turmeric The perfect starter pack for a fruity boost. Contains 20 unbleached teabags. Ingredients: Chamomile & Vanilla: Fennel*, Chamomile* (20%), Lemon Balm*, Orange Peel*, Lime Blossom*, Licorice*, Natural Vanilla Flavour (5%), Bourbon Vanilla* (2%). *Organic. Ginger Kick: Ginger* (79%), Lemon peels* (21%). *Organic. Peppermint & Licorice: Peppermint* (60%), Licorice Root* (40%). *Organic. Very Berry: Hibiscus* (59%), Lemongrass*, Apple* (3%), Rosehip* (2%), Licorice Root*, Lemon Peel* (0.5%), Natural Flavours, Acai Berries Freeze Dried* (0.2%), Blueberries Freeze Dried* (0.1%). *Organic. Rooibos Turmeric: Rooibos* (85%), Turmeric* (15%). *Organic.


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