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Homtiem Black Garlic


2023 Exhibitor Products

Homtiem Black Garlic

NOPPHADA PRODUCT CO. LTD. Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-E50
  • Homtiem Black Garlic
  • Homtiem Black Garlic
Homtiem Black Garlic Homtiem Black Garlic
The black garlic originates from Asian herbal medical especially from Japan, Korea and China, these countries produce and consume black garlic for many centuries. Our Black garlic is made from our contract farmer which plant garlic under GAP standard. We selected single (Solo) clove garlic (Thai people belief that Single (Solo) clove garlic is a superfood) and incubated under our own technique without any chemical added for 90 days. The process improves the taste to natural sweet and jelly-like texture (similar to dried fruit) which completely different from raw pungent garlic. It is not only improving the taste but also increase the main active ingredient and change them into more stable form. You might be familiar with the fresh garlic in its strong fragrance and pungent. Our Homtiem Black Garlic will change your experience and bring new flavor with healthier benefit. Homtiem Black Garlic contains more benefit than fresh garlic, during incubation process allicin from fresh garlic is changed to S-ally L-Cysteine (SAC), which is more stable form and easy absorb to our body. There are two easy ways to enjoy our Black garlic, just peeling the garlic skin and eat, or just added to your meal after peeled. We recommended to eat 1-2 clove before breakfast to get the best benefit. And you also can enjoy 3-4 clove which can helps to decrease blood pressure, diabetics and cholesterol levels.


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