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Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic


2023 Exhibitor Products

Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic

NOPPHADA PRODUCT CO. LTD. Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-E50
  • Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic
  • Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic
Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic Homtiem Pickled Solo Garlic
HOMTIEM Pickled Solo Garlic is a highly beneficial health food, it has double benefits of garlic and honey, also combination of both crunchy texture and natural honey flavor. This combination has very high antioxidant properties, helps reduce cholesterol, improves physical strength, promotes good sleep quality and much more. Our pickled garlic is suitable for everyone. Pickled Solo Garlic with Honey During the pickling process, we added the honey which came from Longan flower (a special flower that has unique aroma and flavor. This Longan honey is only found in the northern part of Thailand) to enhance the aroma, taste along with enhanced bioactivity from fermentation process. Pickled Solo Garlic with Ginseng and Chinese Wolfberry will not only give you the amazing crunchy texture and unique flavor of pickled garlic but also added health benefits of Ginseng and Chinese Wolfberry Our Pickled Garlic can be enjoyed by just add it to various dishes as side dish, topping on salad, seasoning to enhance and create new menu. They can also just open the bottle and eat as snack. It is also a good combination as part of a pickle plate.


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