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Homtiem Pickled Sushi Ginger


2023 Exhibitor Products

Homtiem Pickled Sushi Ginger

NOPPHADA PRODUCT CO. LTD. Hall: Za'abeel Hall 2 Stand: Z2-E50
We selected young and fresh ginger from the local farmers in Northern Thailand. Northern Thailand it is suitable for planting high quality ginger. The uniqueness of Thai ginger is its spiciness. This property makes pickled ginger has a good taste. The reason why pickled ginger comes along with Japanese food? The answer is that the pickled ginger refreshes the flavor from the previous dish. In Japanese food, we always eat the pickled ginger after finishing the dishes so that we don’t have the remnant of the taste and smell of the previous dish before having the new dish. This makes us to fully get the taste of the food. Pickled ginger in Japan is always served with sashimi or sushi and makes the meals more flavorful. It also can mix our pickled ginger in your food, Salad, Burger, Sandwich, and a part of a pickle plate. We have a special recipe for marinating the ginger by using advance technology process under traditional knowledge. We pay attention in the processes to make the excellent product quality.


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