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2023 Exhibitor Products


Halal Assurance & Quality Greece SMPC Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-G10
  • Honey
  • Honey
  • Honey
Honey Honey Honey
Honey is one of the healthiest food, rich in nutrients, known since ancient times for their beneficial effect on human's health. Its consumption on a daily basis, contributes to the longevity of man, gives energy and clarity in mind. Melodiko : Excellent combination of honey from wild flowers, thyme and pine trees. Soft aroma and flavor. Rich in nutrients. Melodiko with Thyme : Honey that comes from wild herbs and thyme, characteristics of our local flora. Intense Melodiko Honey Flower: Honey with delicate aroma from flowering of wild flowers. With a light orange color, perfectly clear. Melodiko in a small wooden box : Small wooden box containing products "Melodiko" and "Melodiko with Thyme" in a jar of 130gr each. A nice proposal for those who prefer the variety in taste. Melodiko with Nuts : The mixture of nuts with honey is a delicious and nutritious combination, rich in vitamins


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