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Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee

2023 Exhibitor Products

Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee

Milkio Foods Inc Hall: The Pavilion Stand: T-A14
  • Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee
  • Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee
  • Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee
Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee Milkio Grass-fed sheep ghee
New Zealand-made: Milkio grass-fed Sheep ghee is NZ made from grass-fed sheep butter made of pasture-raised grass-fed NZ sheep milk offers the best natural goodness. Free from all additives: Our casein, lactose-free sheep grass-fed ghee is gluten, carb & sugar-free, non-GMO, & doesn’t hold additives, artificial color, or chemical preservatives. Rich in nutrition: Milkio’s sheep grass-fed, Halal ghee is a nutrient-rich dairy containing health-friendly Omega-3, 6, fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D & K, and antioxidants. Easy to store and long storage life: Milkio’s pure grass-fed sheep butter ghee is small-batch made & shelf stable. You can store it at room temperature up to 18 months from the manufacturing date. Natural weight loss benefits: Milkio’s grass-fed sheep ghee oil is keto & Paleo friendly & offers Ghee MCT support for natural weight loss. No need for refrigeration: Place Milkio’s grass-fed sheep ghee in an airtight jar a dry & dark place. You don’t need freezing support to preserve the best ghee sheep butter dairy for long-term storage. Helps in natural weight loss: Our ghee sheep butter oil holds Conjugated linoleic Acid. It aids in natural weight loss if an active lifestyle supports the moderate sheep ghee in your diet. Supports healthy colon: Our Paleo, keto-friendly pure sheep grass-fed ghee, liquid sheep clarified butter contains butyric acid, which promotes a healthy colon & regularizes bowel movement naturally. Promotes stronger bones: Milkio’s sheep ghee grass-fed butter oil holds vitamin K that improves calcium absorption power of the body & promotes resilient bones, preventing the onset of bone disease. Balances natural glow of skin: Milkio-made sheep grass-fed Halal Kosher Ghee promotes soft skin and healthy hair. It helps maintain the skin’s softness & visible anti-aging benefits.


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