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Muesli Cloverleaves

2023 Exhibitor Products

Muesli Cloverleaves

Semix Pluso Spol. S.R.O. Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-D34
  • Muesli Cloverleaves
  • Muesli Cloverleaves
Muesli Cloverleaves Muesli Cloverleaves
Muesli snack with chocolate in the shape of cloverleaves. The full-bodied taste of chocolate combined with oat flakes will be a delightful surprise. It is made from sprouted oats. It contains dark chocolate. It has high fibre content. It is gluten free. WHY SPROUTED OATS? SPROUTED OATS AND FLAKES MADE FROM THEM ARE EASIER TO DIGEST. Sprouted seeds come to life – contact with water triggers a series of biochemical reactions during which the seeds partially change their nutritional profi le. This makes sprouted grain more favourable for human digestion. At a precise moment, we stop the sprouting by heat-treating the grains and drying them. This allows us to guarantee a long shelf life for sprouted grains without any added preservatives, sugar, or E numbers. BENEFITS OF SPROUTED OATS AND OTHER CEREALS: INCREASED NUTRITIONAL VALUE Sprouted seeds have a higher nutritional value. HIGHER CONCENTRATION OF VALUABLE NUTRIENTS Thanks to sprouting, oats are richer in antioxidants. EASIER TO DIGEST Enzymatic activity helps reduce starches into smaller and simpler molecules that are easier to digest.


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