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Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves)

2023 Exhibitor Products

Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves)

Must Kuuslauk OU Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-F48
  • Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves)
  • Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves)
Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves) Must Umami Peeled Black Garlic (cloves)
Peeled Black Garlic is all natural handmade product made from fresh fermented white garlic. The result is yummy umami flavoured black garlic that is very different from white garlic. During the long fermentation, garlic gaines black colour, loses all the bitterness and after-smell of the white garlic and the taste of magical umami appears (sweet and sour, plum-like, hints of chocolate nuance). The natural sugars caramelise, garlic gets marmalade like texture and the level of antioxidants is boosted. Eat it as healthy gourmet snack, because it has very high antioxidant level. Also use this sweet and sour umami-flavored delight in savory or sweet dishes to turn them into gourmet dishes. Add to pasta, ristotto, to different spreads, when baking bread or even chocolate cake. For home kitchen, food-industries, HoReCa. Our products are made only with nordic quality garlic, warmth, time and love. No additives. No added sugar. A must in your gourmet kitchen!


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