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Najjar Raqwa

2023 Exhibitor Products

Najjar Raqwa

Cafe Najjar – Najjar Professional Solutions Hall: The Pavilion Stand: T-J12
Today, CAFÉ NAJJAR is proudly enjoyed by all Turkish coffee lovers living in the region and all over the world. The company became the biggest coffee factory and the #1 producer of coffee in the Middle East and North Africa region and has proven to be an expert in Turkish and traditional coffee. CAFÉ NAJJAR's consistent and reputable name for quality are the pillars of its heritage, experience, and dedication to perfection. The name is synonymous with the freshest and best-tasting coffee in the region. Combining heritage and innovation, the innovative brand revisits the Lebanese traditional "Rakweh", bringing a whole new contemporary approach to Lebanese/Turkish/Traditional coffee preparation, Being the first of its kind, NAJJAR RAQWA's innovation revolutionized traditional kettle coffee making for years to come, in Lebanon and abroad. It was created to serve you an exceptional capsule-based, Lebanese/Turkish/ Greek Traditional coffee in just 45 seconds with the press of a button. The secret to this exquisite new coffee experience lies in our NAJJAR RAQWA system and our CAFÉ NAJJAR RAQWA compatible coffee capsules. Each capsule begins with the finest quality 100% arabica beans that are carefully roasted to perfection, before they are ground and vacuum-packed to seal in their freshness and aroma. CAFÉ NAJJAR RAQWA coffee capsules were the first of their kind and were designed to provide you with the perfect cup of authentic coffee every time at the simple press of a button in a very convenient way.


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