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Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives


2023 Exhibitor Products

Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives

Aceitunas Torrent Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-K48
  • Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives
  • Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives
Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives Oliva Clan, green and black 'on the go' olives
Oliva Clan means the creation of a new product category: olives for children. It’s an innovative range of pitted olives by Aceitunas Torrent that includes six different flavors: Green olives, anchovy flavored Green olives, pizza flavored Black Olives, chocolate flavored Black olives, strawberry flavored. And, of course, 2 have the traditional black and green olive flavor. The olives are pitted and – here is the novelty – packed without liquid, in individual portions, ready to consume anywhere at any time, thanks to the vacuum-sealed container. The 60 gr container is a fun-looking tin easy to open: the kids only need to pull the golden tab upwards to stop the vacuum. Oliva Clan proposes an innovative, fun and convenient vacuum packed can, which is easy to open, liquid-free, and totally safe for children. The perfect choice for consumption both at home and on the go. The container is a tin, thus avoiding the use of plastic, and is 100% recyclable and reusable. It comes in a modern, attractive design, and it’s an ideal container for reusing, giving it a second life and encouraging the circular economy. It constitutes one of the healthiest snack options available in the market. Some of the well-known nutritional benefits of olives are their content in fiber, iron, vitamins and super healthy fats. In addition, Oliva Clan removes excess salt from the olives by reformulating the recipe so they’re much healthier and just as tasty. Oliva Clan has changed the way children eat olives. To achieve this, the brand put its efforts into: The seasoning process (through aromatization) eliminates the staining in children. Alternative recipe without excess salt Attractive flavors for children. Safe and convenient packaging Air-vacuum system Definitely, the most adventurous olives!


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