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PA Naan Bread


2023 Exhibitor Products

PA Naan Bread

P.A. FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-K43
  • PA Naan Bread
  • PA Naan Bread
PA Naan Bread PA Naan Bread
The Naan is another Asian bread with deep historical roots, however, Malaysia’s Naan roots primarily stem from its Indian subculture. Traditionally cooked using the radiant heat of a tandoori ‘clay’ oven. With a dense and chewy texture, our frozen Naan is ideal for soaking up rich and spicy sauces. Make it your own by giving it a light slather of butter or ghee for that glistening finish. They can even be paired with delicious tandoori chicken for a complete meal. Our frozen Naan bread uses a special blend of flour for a taste and texture that is defined by its gorgeous pillowy insides, crisp exterior and classic charred flavour. Also available is our frozen garlic naan. Enjoy a hearty meal whenever you pair it with your favourite sauces.


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