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Polished rice "Niigata Nijinokirameki"

2023 Exhibitor Products

Polished rice "Niigata Nijinokirameki"

Niigata Nosho Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-166
  • Polished rice
  • Polished rice
Polished rice Polished rice
Niji no Kirameki is a new cultivar of rice developed by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in 2018. It was named "glittering rainbow" because it has a variety of characteristics like a rainbow, and because the grains are large and the cooked rice is glossy. Despite its low price, it has a good taste that is on par with Koshihikari, and has a nice balance of sweetness, aroma, and stickiness. It's delicious even when it's cold, and it's perfect for bento lunch boxes. From 2021, it was registered as regional variety brand of Niigata Prefecture and started exporting in the same year.


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