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Skim milk powder


2023 Exhibitor Products

Skim milk powder

Laktopol Sp.z o.o. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: A2-2
Skim milk powder is obtained it by spray drying of pasteurized skimmed milk. The milk fat is reduced to 1.5% and the water level does not exceed 4%. The development of technology in the dairy industry allows us to provide more and more advanced and diverse versions of this product. Depending on the temperature used in the production process, we distinguish between three levels of heat treatment: LH – low heat ; MH – medium heat; HH – high heat. In addition, during drying, we subject it to a process thanks to which its wettability and solubility are immediate, i.e. we obtain an instant product. The product has very good wettability, dissolves in water in a few seconds, faster than standard skimmed milk powder.


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