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Sweet Daily matcha

2023 Exhibitor Products

Sweet Daily matcha

Leafect Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-164
  • Sweet Daily matcha
  • Sweet Daily matcha
Sweet Daily matcha Sweet Daily matcha
Do your kids like candy or hamburgers? Do you like sweets and fast food too? When we surveyed parents who are raising children, the number one health concern for children was that they dislike vegetables. I think that mothers worry that if they don't eat vegetables, they won't get enough vitamins and minerals, which will trigger disease in their children. Isn't the same thing probably happening in countries around the world? Diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia in children are becoming problems around the world. Do you give your children vitamin and mineral capsules? High-concentration artificial nutrition in supplements is less expensive and easy. However, according to our survey, most parents answered that they would like to use natural care if possible. Our daily matcha is 100% pure Japanese natural herbal matcha with no additives, great taste, and caffeine free. “Sweet daily matcha” is sweetened with leaf of stevia. Stevia is famous for medical herb in south American countries. We use Japan-grown stevia leaves. In the monitor test, 85% of the subjects responded positively, such as "waking up better", "not staying up late", "improving concentration", "beautiful skin", and "not catching colds". I was able to get it. Parents are also happy to drink it together and feel better when they wake up in the morning. Because it's matcha, you can simply mix it with water or milk, or you can mix it with food. Richer nutrition than vegetables keeps your family healthy. Please put this matcha on your dining table.


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