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Tomato Paste

2023 Exhibitor Products

Tomato Paste

The Morning Star Packing Company Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-E5
Morning Star’s industrial tomato paste is processed in three facilities throughout California with products that offer different colors and textures to suit the needs of customers seeking delicious, authentic California tomato paste. Once our vine-ripened tomatoes arrive from the field, they undergo a 7-stage process before turning into a flavorful bulk ingredient tomato paste ready for packaging. After being graded for quality, the tomatoes are unloaded into our flumes and transported through several sorting stations before starting the cooking process, which takes but a few minutes. Depending on our customer’s end-use product, one of two options is selected: Hot Break, which heats the tomatoes at 210 F, and Cold Break which, heats the tomatoes at 155 F. Each process inactivates the pectin-destroying enzymes to prevent further break-down of the tomato, with the Cold Break process allowing enzymes to destroy more significant amounts of pectin creating a higher color and fresher flavor. After the cooking process, we then strain out some, or all, of the seeds and skins with machines we call Finishers before sending the tomatoes through the evaporator process, reducing their water content to the desired thickness. Immediately after, the tomato paste is flash cooled and ready for packaging.


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